10 Simple Sunrise House Cleaning Tips Using Common Household Items

The following 10 simple easy tips using common household items will completely change your life! Just a couple of basic items can make a huge difference around your home. The house cleaning tips below will soon become some of your favorite ideas to rely on time and time again.

Sunrise House Cleaning Tips

House Cleaning Tips

It is once again that time of year when you have been trapped inside of your house long enough for you to realize that it needs a thorough scrub down. I know that I tend to find cleaning, particularly deep cleaning, to be very overwhelming. I am very excited to bring you these 10 Simple Cleaning Tips to help make things easier a bit more magical for you. I am completely serious.

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Okay, let’s get started with our cleaning.

Baking Soda Laundry Tip

Baking soda

This is my favorite type of cleaning tip because it is so simple. Add half of a cup of baking soda to a load of laundry. Next, add the laundry detergent like you normally do. This will make your colors brighter and your whites whiter. The biggest thing that I have noticed about this is that my clothes smell really fresh and clean. I just did this to my children’s hooded towels. They smell so good now.

Clean Grease Easily Off Of Cabinets

When cabinets have grease all over them it drives me crazy since it is so gross. Cooking on the stovetop can easily cause this, and it can be very difficult to remove it. However, not any longer. I really love this cleaning hack. Take a regular sponge and make it wet. Then toss into your microwave for one minute (It can be hot, so be careful). Then use your favorite cleaning produce. That will make the grease come off a lot easier. So use this hack after making your grandmother’s Italian Meatballs to get rid of all of the grease on your cabinets.  visit https://upmaids.com/sunrise-house-cleaning/ for professional house cleaning in Sunrise.

Clean Your Diamond Righ With Toothpaste To Make It Sparkle

I really can’t believe just how effective this cleaning hack is!

Place your ring inside of a small bowl with a bit of dish soap. Allow your ring to soak for around 10 minutes.

Brush away the grime using a clean toothbrush.

Put a small dab of toothpaste on your toothbrush and scrub only the diamond.

Rinse your ring under warm water.

Clean off your toothbrush, and then brush any residual toothpaste off of the diamond.

Allow the ring to soak again in soapy water for around four minutes. Lately, I have been making so many cookies that my ring really needed to be cleaned, and this trick really did the job. My ring was so sparkly after I finished cleaning it.

Clean Your Microwave Easily Using Vinegar

This might be my favorite spring cleaning tip. Mix together equal parts of vinegar and water into a measuring cup. What I did was put one cup of water and one cup of vinegar into a four-cup measuring cup. That way, I didn’t need to worry about it overflowing. Heat up the mixture inside your microwave for two minutes on high. Then use a paper towel or rag to wipe out the built-up grime easily. You won’t believe just how easy it wipes off.

A few weeks ago I was making banana bread and I left my butter in the microwave so long that it ended up exploding. This trick really worked. I was able to get rid of all of the butter residue from the top part of the microwave without having to do a lot of scrubbing.

Clean Electronics Using Coffee Filters

One thing that definitely needed to be cleaned was my computer. It is something that I tend to neglect. I really love this easy tip. There are so many coffee filters that come in a pack and cos so little when you purchase the filters at Family Dollar. It is really easy for me to keep them in with my office supplies and dust my computer when my eyes are too tired to edit photos any longer.

Easily Clean Your Ceiling Fan Using A Pillow Case

This home cleaning tip is absolutely genius! The next time you are getting ready to do your laundry, take the pillowcases off of your pillows.

Warp one of the pillowcases around the ceiling fan blades and pull backward.

that will pull the dust off of the blades of the ceiling fan and into the pillowcase.

Empty out the dust from the pillowcase into your garbage can and then toss it into the laundry.

A Quick And Easy Method For Cleaning Your Dishwasher

I constantly use this dishwasher cleaning hack. It is an excellent way to quickly deodorize your dishwasher.

Wash the filter out. (It can be found on the bottom part of the dishwasher and normally twists out).

Use a paper towel to wipe around your dishwasher door to get rid of grime.

Take a cup full of baking soda and pour it into the bottom of your dishwasher

Put a cup of vinegar on the top rack.

Run the normal cycle on your dishwasher.

Clean Your Blinds Using Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets

Dryer sheets are so useful for many different things, and especially when it comes to dusting. What is so great about using dryer sheets in how inexpensive they are to buy and they don’t only get rid of dust, but keeps off the dust as well. Dryer sheets help to keep dust from accumulating on your blinds later on which means you won’t need to clean as often going forward. That is my type of cleaning tip for sure!

Make It Easy To Clean Built-UP Mineral Deposits On Your Sinks!

How To Clean a Sink

We have a water softener, but the water in my area is so hard that our sinks get mineral deposits on them. A very inexpensive and easy way to do this is soaking a paper towel in vinegar and then let it rest on your sink on top of the mineral deposits. Allow it to sit for about a half an hour, and then just wipe the mineral deposits away.

Clean Silver Easily Using A Magic Eraser And Ketchup

Magic Eraser

I have heard for a long time that ketchup can be used to clean silver, however, it didn’t work for me. I made the decision to try it again but added Mr. Clean Eraser for some extra help. It worked so well. (Note: If you are trying to clean some really sentimental silver, try it on a small area first.)

Coat the silver with a thin ketchup layer
Allow it to sit for around 15 minutes
Wash the ketchup off
Scrub the silver using your Magic Eraser
See the grit and grime disappear from your silver!

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